We have teamed with Dover Power Racing engines to provide our customers with a quality product at some of the best prices in the business on everything from engines to rebuilds, to just simple replacement parts like carbs and headers.  We offer the same competitive prices on fully blueprinted animals and flatheads that you get buying direct from Dover w/o the hassle of shipping , emailing, or any of that other stuff that can turn into a huge pain when you are dealing with somebody not from your local area !!

   If you cant quiet fit a new engine in the budget , thatís ok too. You have two options A) we may have or can find you a slightly used Dover Power Engine or B) we can send your current engine to Dover and have them go over it for you. Either way your sure to be just as satisfied with there service as we have been over the past few years.

   So, don't sacrifice horsepower because you think running a Dover Power Engine will be inconvenient. As stated above when you deal with us, you avoid all of the headaches that usually go with running a southern built engine. Both us and Dover prefer that you just drop your engine of at our store or deliver it to us at the track and we take care of the rest and deliver it back to you as soon as we receive it from Dover. Please be aware that Dover is EXTREMELY busy and turn around time is usually about 3wks.










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